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Let's pinpoint where your voice fits & launch "younger" voice in the industry!

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Schedule: April 8th-May 5th, 2024

Description: Eager to adapt your performances for younger audiences, but lack industry-specific knowledge about narrating children's and YA books? This course for the "young at heart" will teach you how to expand your performance skills and narrate audiobooks written for kids and young adults. With expert guidance from industry leader Julie Wilson, you'll pinpoint where your voice fits (kids, young adult, or both!), refine performance techniques, & launch your "younger" voice in the audiobook industry. You will also learn how to incorporate kids content into your larger brand identity.

*FYI* I keep class sizes small to provide personalized attention for every student. Because of that, my courses tend to fill up quickly.

Format: This course utilizes live office hours, personalized feedback, and weekly video lessons to provide a streamlined curriculum and personalized guidance for every student. You will watch our lessons at your own pace but will have specific milestones and homework to complete every week. This format gives you the freedom to complete each lesson on your own time while keeping you on track to reach our class goals. Optional live office hours provide us with the space to discuss the week’s lessons and answer any questions you may have.

As a student of this course, you can jump the queue of my 3+ month waitlist for Private Coaching.

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Young adult and Middle Grade have always been my favorite genre of books and the the genre I have been wanting to narrate. My biggest questions had always been "am I right for this" and "should I even bother?" This prompted me into the course with Julie Wilson.

Firstly, Julie is one of the most approachable coaches I have ever worked with and I felt so taken care of by her and really seen. She can really get to the heart of who you are and the essence you portray to the world, which is so vital for audiobooks.

Her course is extremely well thought out and comprehensive and I was opened to a world of children's audiobooks that I had never considered before. After working through all the possibilities I was really able to get a better grasp on where I fit in. And then I booked a YA book while still in the course!

-Julia Holland

"Julie's class on Children's and YA narration was the most significant investment I've made in my audiobook narration career to date. She challenged me to expand the age groups I was targeting for narration and I managed to achieve a 5 year old character that sounded authentic! I have a whole new set of samples for my website that I love and I'm super excited to move forward with the skills and direction Julie helped me refine during the course. Thank you, Julie!"

-Adrienne Cornette

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