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If you struggle to showcase your authentic voice and define a standout brand identity, we are here to help.

Powered by industry leader Julie Wilson, The Articulate Coach provides you with the tools you need to take control of your career and develop the performance techniques, strategies, and branding needed to thrive professionally.

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*Please Note: Due to providing personalized attention to every student, I limit enrollment to a small number of students. Courses and workshops tend to fill up quickly.

"Big 'B' Branding & Content Creation"

Course Dates: April 29th-May 26th, 2024

Struggling to showcase a memorable brand identity that resonates with casting directors? It's time to throw out your newsletters & business cards, and implement branding strategies that are effective in 2024This hands-on branding course will teach you to create content for a uniquely memorable brand. You'll implement your brand identity & learn how to strategically craft impactful social media, a professional website, branded content, & quick pitches that land with casting directors.

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"Launch Your Audiobook Narration Career"

Course Dates: May 6th-June 3rd, 2024

If you're uncertain how to launch a successful career as an audiobook narrator, this comprehensive 4-week course will teach you the ins-and-outs of the audiobook industry and guide you step-by-step toward launching your career. You’ll pinpoint where your voice fits in the industry, hone performance techniques, gain exclusive industry insights, and master essential strategies for becoming a professional audiobook narrator

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Refine your storytelling abilities and open doors to career opportunities.



Enroll in a course to refine your audiobook narration skills, receive feedback, and open doors to career opportunities.


Audiobook Narrators

Get performance & career guidance with private coaching from industry leader Julie Wilson.


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Harness your voice to tell compelling stories & build your professional brand.


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I'm Julie Wilson

As an award-winning producer, public speaker, and interviewer, I have taken great care to nurture actors & thought leaders' performances and careers. I love learning about what drives people both in and outside of the recording booth. We are all humans, first and foremost, and who you are in life directly shapes who you are as a performer.

I strive to inspire you, be that experienced colleague whom you can bounce ideas off of, and ultimately nurture your career. Together we will explore what makes you special and highly marketable.

You can expect me to be positive, authentic, strategicand honest.

That is who I am outside of the recording booth and thus who I am as The Articulate Coach.

Julie Wilson | The Articulate Coach

[email protected]

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Speaking Engagements

Success Stories

"Julie was the perfect balance of warm & friendly and no bullsh*t.  She was enthusiastic & encouraging but also precise and surgical in her approach...There are lots of 'coaches' out there charging all sorts of ludicrous rates, and certainly preying on newbies. I'm happy to report Julie is the real deal."

- Mark J. Royce

"I truly believe there are angels walking among us and Julie is one of them. She knows her stuff obviously, and also is kind, clear, and encouraging. She's like a personal trainer for my demos, branding, and networking. I feel 100% more confident about what I'm offering. If you can, do it!"

- Cindy Kay

"Looking to figure out how to get started? Need some direction on a performance? She's got you covered. Need help with branding, your Ahab profile and/or website? Samples? Yup, that too. Looking for ways to build better & stronger connections with other industry professionals? Julie knows just the right touch."

- Noah Michael Levine

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