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Single Session

1 Hour Session - $350

Book a private one-on-one session to receive personalized attention from industry expert Julie Wilson. Come prepared with specific topics and questions related to your audiobook career. We can also review scripts, samples, and auditions. 


4 Sessions - $1,350

Book 4 private sessions to receive ongoing guidance from industry expert Julie Wilson. This package is recommended for actors looking to dig deeper into their career goals and refine areas of improvement.


6 Sessions - $1,950

Invest in your career growth. Book 6 private sessions to do a deep dive into growing as an audiobook narrator, refining your performances, and showcasing your unique strengths to casting directors.

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"Julie is incredibly knowledgable about the craft of audiobooks and about performing in general.  She taught me about pacing, tone, and finding the right genre for myself. But also about not limiting myself to what I thought I would be able to do. She helps you find what makes you shine. What is specific to you that you can bring to your work. I found the whole process of creating a profile very creative, detailed and surprisingly revealing!  Somehow Julie struck just the right balance between coaching me with it and letting me discover my own way of saying things."

-Lorraine Velez

General Guidelines


  • Feedback on Samples & Performance
  • Directed Sessions
  • Genre Selection
  • Audition Better
  • Script Prep
  • Recording Samples


  • Empower Identity & Underrepresented Voices
  • Branding
  • Career Pivots (New Genres, Evaluating Your Voice, & Branding)
  • Networking (Casting Directors, APA Membership etc.)
  • Community Building (Clubhouse, Workshops etc.)
  • Developing Online Presence (Website, Casting Platforms etc.)
  • Social Media (Instagram, X, TikTok etc.)¬†

Additional questions? Reach out to me directly.

‚ÄčJulie Wilson | The Articulate Coach

[email protected]

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"Julie is a unique blend of kindness and honesty. Working with her I knew that she would be straightforward with her feedback, and that she genuinely believed in me and wanted me to succeed.

We covered a ton of ground in our series of sessions and I left feeling focused, motivated, and empowered."

-Maria Marquis

"Julie is what was missing in my career!  In a matter of a couple of sessions she really helped me hone in on my own personal story and brand - finding honest ways to talk about myself without sounding generic or off-putting. She has a keen ability to really pull out essential information in sincere and focused conversations with her clients.

She was also able to pinpoint a key performance modification that helped me turn my narration from "fine" to engaging and connected in a way that I haven't been able to do before. I look forward to more outstanding sessions with her in the future!"

-Amber Battaglia

"Julie is a most excellent coach! I very much enjoyed working with her on updating my marketing materials and narration samples. She really personalizes the experience, working to understand and capture your unique voice, then drilling down to the details.

In a few short weeks, we accomplished all of the goals we had set, and had a great time doing it! I highly recommend working with Julie to any audio professional who wants to take their career to the next level."

-Eric Jason Martin


Stay informed about career advice, inspiration, upcoming courses & coaching.